An Awesome ClickFlow Alternative

Superb SEO Split Testing For All Platforms

SEO Scout allows you to make changes to your site in real time, and track their direct impact on your search engine traffic.
Simply add one line of code to your site, plug in your Search Console account and create a test to boost organic clickthrough rate, improve your keyword coverage and earn more from your existing content.

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Impact free SEO testing

We use Javascript - or a native plugin for platforms like Wordpress - to change your page output on the fly. Instead of changing your DNS settings, you simply need to add a tiny snippet to your site or tag manager.

By progressively enhancing your pages rather than replacing your hosting we ensure our service will never impact your own site speed or uptime.

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Instant test deployment

As SEO Scout updates your sites live, your enhancements will be shown to visitors and crawlers from the moment you start your test. There's no need to login and make changes manually , unlike at ClickFlow where you would need to manually adjust your site - or defer your experiment until the dev team could make an update !

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Personalised suggestions for keywords and CTR

No need to guess at where to start - SEO Scout will highlight the pages on your site that are ripe for improvement. Our simple reports help you find the pages that could be driving many more clicks with a better organic CTR, and makes it clear which pages you are ranking for yet not targeting yet to help drive long tail rankings.

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Test groups of similar pages

If you have product, listing or other 'template' pages that follow a pattern on your site you would need to test them individually using ClickFlow.

Using SEO Scout you can run a test against a group of similar pages, such as products or reviews, in order to find winning variants that work for all pages, just like with ClickFlow. You can also bucket pages into test and control groups, allowing you to accurately split test one set of pages against another.

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