Categorize your Keyword Lists By Intent


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Keyword Classification Tool

Need help categorizing your keywords? Use our simple tool to quickly build lists sorted into distinct categories.

By creating categories with a set of words to 'match' you can quickly divide your keyword lists into seperate categories to help with your site architecture and SEO - or to create distinct ad groups in Adwords or other PPC engines.

As an example we've created categories with the popular terms used to classify keyword intent - for instance, grouping into commercial, informational, navigation and comparison keywords.

But the possibilities are endless! For example, if you run a clothing website you might want to categorize your terms by colour, style, material or brand. A local service site might categorize by problem and location, and a travel site by destination, level of luxury and traveller type.

Creating your own keyword categories

If you want to start creating your own categories it's simple:

  1. Add your keywords to the first box on the page
  2. Click the 'remove' button on the existing category groups you don't need
  3. Click the large plus button to add a new group
  4. Give it a title then add the keywords you wish to match on to the text box. You can split them up by comma or new line
  5. Your keywords will appear with their categories in the table below.
  6. You can then export to CSV and optionally show the keywords that don't appear in a category too.