SEO Performance Reporting

Discover your site's best keyword positions

Understand which keywords are driving the most traffic to your site or any particular page using our in depth keyword report.We pull all your site's top keywords from Google Search Console and make it simple to quickly filter and segment you data.

See the top keywords report for your site by overall traffic, impressions or ranking

Want to see all your number one rankings, across your whole site? Or perhaps you wish to see the terms that are scoring the highest click through rates?

Use our advanced filters and sorting to quickly discover the top terms for each metric we offer

Search your keywords by phrase to quickly filter your metrics

Enter a term in the keyword report's search box to quickly determine the overall traffic, average position and position distribution for all related keywords you rank for.

Our dynamic charts update to show the performance of any group of keywords on your site, including the overall trends so you can see if you are gaining or losing visibility for any set of terms.

Find new and lost keywords for the month

Seen a bump in traffic to one of your best pages? Or perhaps clicks have dropped and you don't know why?Use our New + Lost keyword reporting filters to see what you've gained in the last month.

Choose to filter to new keywords that sent clicks this month but nothing last month to see what is sending traffic now. Or switch to 'Impressions' to discover brand new keywords you've never appeared in Google for before.

Quickly discover terms that have gained or lost clicks, position or CTR

See the impact of the changes you make to your site. Quickly see at a glance the key terms that have improved or decreased in organic click through rate, position or impressions

Filter to see cannibalized keywords

Discover keywords that could be suffering from multiple pages ranking for the same keywords by using our keyword cannibalization tool.

Track the visibility & performance of your keywords over time with our weekly email reports

Keep in the loop with your new, lost, gained and falling keywords with our weekly updates on your sites traffic and top keywords for the period.