Plan Perfect Topic Clusters With Keyword Grouping

It's trivial to click some buttons and produce a list of 1,000s of keywords. But it isn't all that helpful.

To create a useful, remarkable website it's essential to organize your content effectively. Not only does it make it far simpler for users to navigate but by tightly clustering your content into specific topics you can dramatically increase its relevance on Google.

Our Keyword Grouping page automatically pulls together the questions, keywords and suggestions we've gathered from our indepth research, and groups them along similar themes.

You can see at a glance the range of long tail keywords each group represents and the total potential search volume for the queries you might rank for.

Each group can be sent directly to your content planner, where you can start to build an outline of the articles you plan to write.

By interlinking your core article with supporting content and FAQs you can quickly build up a cluster of relevant articles, boosting your topical authority.