An Awesome SurferSEO Alternative

Use machine learning insights to inform your content

Turn yourself or any writer into a subject matter expert in minutes. Use the insights from competitor's articles to highlight crucial topics you need to make your article complete.

Ensure you don't miss crucial information your searchers are looking for. Show Google you deserve to rank by improving the overall comprehensiveness of your article.

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Entity Explorer

See at a glance the most relevant topics, entities and concepts to include in your content. Analzye the top 30 results to find the most salient entities and their frequency in competing documents.

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FAQs From People Also Ask, Quora + More

Guide the searcher through their entire research journey. Answer the questions they might have before and after purchasing your product. Gain both long tail visibility and topical relevance with every piece of supporting content you write.

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Thousands of keyword suggestions, grouped for you

Plan out your content with speed. Each topic research job collects and combines keyword suggestions, questions and more. Using our keyword groups feature you can quickly find ideas for new articles and sections to support your key content.

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SurferSEO Pricing vs SEO Scout

SEO Scout SurferSEO
Price per month From $29 59
Reports Per Month 30 at $99/mo 25
Analyzes competing pages Yes Y
Uses TD*IDF or other outdated frequency based scores No
Uses advanced NLP Yes N
Other features People Also Ask questions, keyword planner, rank checker and SEO testing tools Keyword research, SERP analysis and planning

SurferSEO review

Surfer SEO use their own algorithm similar to TD-IDF that counts word frequencies to find the most prominent words and phrases in order to make suggestions on improvements for your content. Using a frequency based approach rather than an NLP analysis based on relevance means the suggestions may miss important entities and topics that are of high importance yet used sparsely in the text. Frequency based approaches can also miss synonyms and other meanings within the text

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